Hospital Services

Department Introduction     

In order to create an effective management for operation and maintenance of medical equipment and Health care services, the TAJHIZ TEJARAT CHEKAD Company accompanied technical experts, offer technical consulting services in case of planning, equipment, installation, and maintenance.


Consulting, planning, equipment, installation and maintenance of Health Care centers

An effective and desired function of health cares besides of technical experts depend on suitable substructure and medical equipment standard and also quality management systems.

TAJHIZ TEJARAT CHEKAD Company prepares to offer the consulting services in planning, purchasing, equipment, installation and maintenance of Health care centers in the case of client's needs.

The services are as follows:

Checking architectural plans and planning physical space

Evaluation, consulting and establishment of the quality management systems

Substructure, planning and preparing software needs, hardware, IT and HIS systems in health care centers

Offering the basic equipment and supplies contests

Offering health instruction and infection control

Preparing technical training courses


Hospital establishments planning

Regarding to community notice of energy costs, the needs response to save sources and subsequent to consumption, is increasing and this factor is so important to plan hospital establishments.

Nowadays, proper and safe planning   and maintenance of mechanical and electrical establishments are important affairs of organizations which offer health care services.

One of the important distinction aspects of hospital structure from the others is mechanical and electrical establishments. About 60% to 75% of manufacturing cost allocates to medical equipment and mechanical – electrical establishments. As an example to provide the suitable heat and cold space for patients and staffs and provide pure and clean atmosphere is due to correct function of establishments. The cases such as provide positive and negative pressures in operation rooms, isolating, clean and dirty atmosphere, air circulation in sections, filters quality and the tests related to quality and quantity of infection circulation from air condition systems specify the obligations of hospital establishments. As a result, attention to computing  and observing  international standards cause to provide a comfort conditions for patients and staffs which  is one of the important  and essential of mechanical establishments of  hospital planning.

TAJHIZ TEJARAT CHEKAD base on clinical target is going to collect establishments' needs such as settled hospital equipment and the other effective factors on the basis of latest national and international needs in the case of Room by Room for best establishments planning and make it for related consulting engineers.


Expert work of medical equipment

The needed budget for purchasing medical equipment evaluate after assigning the version of medical equipment based on the needs of the clients. The technical specifications of needed equipment provide based on clinical programs and would be available in the agents of medical equipment companies. Then, the equipment companies proposal evaluate and, the comparative tables prepare. At this period we evaluate the technical specifications, the manner of service and maintenance of companies agent, manufacturer, system function's records at the other centers, delivery time and guarantee. At the end in regard to quality comparative tables of ranked equipment, the health care centers could choose their equipment and order them.


Installation and maintenance equipment

At this period while putting expert system in center, we control all the installation stages. The cases  such as  good's conformity with order, control to  the exact  perform of establishments needs, installation and documentation of initial training process, offering complement and technical trainings for maintenance of installed equipment in health care centers and control the  exact  and perfect  performance  of periodical services are consist of TAJHIZ TEJARAT CHEKAD COMPANY consulting services.