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Giving services and medical equipment based on patient needs at home

Since making a decision of serving medical care at home for the patients is very critical, therefore patient's participation for treatment is one of the important rights in developed countries and would be as the symbol of justice in many health care systems.

Planning and offering  the therapeutic equipments  based on patient's opinions, patient's needs and their care are important keys of health systems in developed countries which cause to patient's reliability, patient's satisfaction whether in case of therapeutic and costs that pay for services at home. Therefore accepting the patient as a partner and listen to their opinions and critics, lead to promotion of community's health.

If you look at the changes in health system process in some countries, the most important mentioned factors which lead to improvement of health system during ten years are such as, changes in values, people beliefs based on the change in community's expectations, the change in diseases, life expectancy increase, emphasis on maximum health level and patients life quality especially in old age are the result of pay attention to community and patient's opinion. One of the important policies of new health system in these countries is pay more attention to community and patient's value that have the right of receiving a complete health services.


Medical equipment for patients at home

Oxygen Concentrator

Home Ventilator (Invasive/Non-Invasive) CPAP – BiLevel - BiLevel S - BiLevel ST


Pulse Oxymeter

Portable Suction

Oxygen Regulator/Flowmeter

Oxygen Cylinder

Intensive Care Bed/General Bed



Body Fat Meter

Syringe Pump/Infusion Pump

Bed Side Monitor

Alternative Air Mattress


Insulin Pump

Air Purifier/Air Sterilizer




Digital Thermometer

Exercise Therapy and Massage Equipment