EasyFit Lite Nasal CPAP Mask

The EasyFit Lite nasal mask is elegantly simple, yet highly sophisticated. Its smart design makes it incredibly easy to assemble and quickly obtain a great fit. Once on it can be easily adjusted to obtain the best possible fit.

The silicone cushion design was created by utilizing computer analyses of facial characteristics from 50,000 individuals globally to achieve optimum comfort and a superior seal. 

Its ‘whisper-quiet exhalation’ system means you hardly hear the airflow from the flow generator. The exclusion of a forehead pad also eliminates pressure points on the skin. All leading up to a great night’s sleep.

The EasyFit Lite headgear is extremely comfortable to wear and has been designed to accommodate an array of head profiles. In conjunction with the mask’s unique ball-and-socket joint, the headgear not only enables a more discreet airflow but also unsurpassed freedom of movement.

The EasyFit Lite nasal mask is latex-free. It is available in three sizes (S, M and L).

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