Innova Series Full Face & Nasal CPAP Masks

Available as Full Face or Nasal, Innova™ gives unsurpassed facial comfort and skin protection.

The Innova series offers the latest in comfort. With its combination of patented AIR°gel™ and Advanced Cushion Technology (ACT), the Innova enhances user compliance with sleep disordered breathing therapy and improves comfort.

The Innova series is designed to rest lightly on the face. AIR°gel gently protects the skin and the bridge of the nose to minimize necrosis and other irritations.

Advanced Cushion Technology (ACT) ergonomically adapts to unique facial features, ensuring an optimum seal without the need to over-tighten the straps, reducing discomfort, skin irritation and air leaks.

The ‘Touchless’ Spacebar™ design eliminates the need for the traditional forehead pad, removing a potential point for skin irritation. The Active Headgear Connector™ moves with you to maintain a good seal as you sleep.

Together these features provide an Innovative solution for a great night’s sleep.

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