SOMNOtouch™ RESP stands for the latest generation of polygraphy with SOMNOmedics. Being currently the smallest screener available, the SOMNOtouch impresses with its high resolution touch screen and the sensors that are built into the main unit and offers easy application as well as highest comfort for the patient during the measurements. Cardiorespiratory screening in the size of a credit card!

Intelligent Connect

SOMNOtouch™ convinces the user with the innovative Intelligent Connect™ Technology: All slots can be used for every sensor, the devices automatically detects, which sensor has been connected to it. Therefore patients can not confuse any sensors when they apply the device themselves; physicians on the other Hand do not have to pre-choose a Montage. Even a change of sensors during the night, i.e. when doing Split Night recordings will be detected and processed.

Online signal check

The built in Bluetooth module transfers the data in real time. You can do a signal check both, on the high resolution touch display of the SOMNOtouch™ as well as having a screenshot of the recording data sent to your tablet PC or mobile phone via e-mail. Transfer times and -periods can be programmed individually.