Oxygen Conserver

The DeVilbiss PD1000 is an oxygen conserving device which regulates and controls medical grade oxygen from a high-pressure cylinder. It is compact, lightweight and can be easily fitted to a DeVilbiss oxygen cylinder.

The PD1000 can be set to either PulseDose mode or continuous flow and features a built in oxygen pressure gauge. An oxygen cylinder fitted with a PD1000 oxygen conserver set in PulseDose mode will allow the patient considerably longer use from the cylinder than they would have from the same cylinder fitted with a continuous flow regulator.

The PD1000 is battery operated and can run for around 200 hours from two AA batteries. The device also includes patient safety features such as a low battery warning light, audible alarm indicating a pause in breathing and a maximum trigger setting of 40 breaths per minute to protect against hyperventilation.

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